Hoshti Goshtas (rpeate) wrote in howard_dean04,
Hoshti Goshtas

Dean, Gephardt, and Gingrich

Gephardt keeps saying that Dean sided with Newt Gingrich during the budget battles of the 'Nineties. We keep hearing all manner of characterizations from Gephardt. And we keep hearing Dean saying it's unfair to compare any Democrat to Newt Gingrich. What we don't keep hearing, and what I've not yet heard at all, is exactly what Dean said or did in the 'Nineties that has prompted Gephardt's criticism. Is anyone in this community able to provide it for us, and I mean with exact words, in the case of a quotation?

I appreciate the value Gephardt places on the attack. I appreciate the shock value of Newt Gingrich. But what I find frustrating is not having the facts. Of course I don't believe Gephardt; so I want to be able to refute him. Anyone?
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